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A Message From Track Promoter Loren Kruesi


Willamette Speedway

A Message From Track Promoter Loren Kruesi

I am so sorry, I had to do a "read all posts" I just can't keep up. I read the comments mostly. And, I want to say thank you for supporting us and the Willamette Speedway. So, that being said, this list will be long but I have to take this time to acknowledge and thank my friends (both old and new) and family. First though thank you God, our veterans, our great country and the front-line first responders. With out these we would be living in caves.

I have thought long and hard about the first spot but it can only be:

My beautiful, and for some reason, dedicated forever #1 right hand, Val Kruesi. She was out in that heat running the line of trailers and quietly managing the entire chaos. I love you!

I got to say, #2 is Jerry Schram and Jimmy. I feel a little masochistic in saying thank you for this opportunity. The Willamette Speedway would not be what it is without the Schram's vision.

Mr. Bill Arnold, and the Arnold Family Evelyn Arnold Thank you for this little slice of heaven with all of its bumps, grinds and victories. Bill Arnold, thank you for the countless hours you have spent with me, the days of being up to you armpits in machinery and every word of advice and yes every story!

Thank you for your support and for your prayers through the difficult times we have faced. Your love and loyalty are appreciated more than you will ever know.

Thank you Dan Main, each task that you assisted me with and all your advice on how to get shit done.

Steve Moore, thank you for the expertise you bring in fixin' just about anything and almost everything and your sound advise.

Ronnie Skeslien Kim Skes James Skeslien and the family. Thank you for your hard work my friends.

Jen Spackman WOW! I mean WOW! Did I say WOW! yet? Where do I start? You are such an awesome person, through the chaos of throwing a show together in 3 days your focus stayed on keeping our drivers, pit crews, staff and friends safe and monitored. Thank you for being pushy my friend, sincerely.

Jeremy Means what can I say but thank you! Thank you for the consultations and for managing the show and chaos.

Thank you Keri Smith I promise you that Val hardly ever gives praise and genuinely likes a person as quickly as she does you. THANK YOU! I appreciate your dedication to our difficult task and during the heat wave.

Ben Deatherage great job buddy! Way to step in with the professional call and announcing.

Pj Risso again, great job coming in and taking control and then presenting a great showing of the Willamette Speedway!

Frank Looney DUDE!!! WTF? stepped in and ran it to the wall! Directed the grid for the first time, are you getting that? Stepped in and in 104 degrees took that to the mat and flat shouldered it. Thank you!

Jerry O'Hagan thank you for your help and experience my friend, yes I will hit you in the face with a bucket of cold water if I see you go down ;)

Eileen Sparks, Robert Carver, Nathan Powers, Trevor Coats, Extreme Fire and Rescue, thank you for braving the heat and the chaos. I want you to know that every driver, pit crew member, fan and staff know how serious your tasks are and how vital you are.

OMG can I just say thank you to all of the DRIVERS and TEAMS that had patience with me? I half expected a boat load of criticism but wow really nothing much. I know it was crazy and that I am idiot for trying to pull off a show in 72 hours. You all were AWESOME! You all put on show that was exciting and fun to watch. And, yes! The infield tires will actually be on the track this coming Saturday. I apologize for our error. Bill has been trying to build the apron up and quite frankly we forgot to push the tires out. Pretty freakin' stupid of me I know. But, I saw some of you were a little rusty and the shortcuts may have helped ;)

Team Corvallis Aamco and especially the tag team champion of the racing world, my friend Phil Lovvorn. What? No A/C in the Extreme trucks? No problem! What? Need help with sponsors to bring on the show? No problem, just lean on me... thank you buddy.

Linn County Planning and Building and the Lebanon Fire District, Robert Wheeldon, Jason Bolen and All, thank you for being reasonable and helping us to work through some issues to get a temp permit to operate the east side.

How about my lifelong friend Tim Cramlet showing up at just the right time to help? Thank you my friend.

Tony McGovern and McGovern Maintenance, thank you for the spit shine my friend,

David Nelman, thank you,

Buck's Sanitary Service and the Scott Weld Family,

Think about this, that the Centerfielder's mobile restaurant with the Brim Coffee Company had mere hours to pull their truck out of mothballs, put together a menu and crew, then arrive and start serving! Centerfielder's is part of the Major League Burgers, Shortstops Drive Through, and Southpaws Pizza and Sports Bar

Wait until you see what they can do with a little time! Thank you Tibbe Braithwaite, Chris Reese, Tisha and Russell Williams and the entire Team from Centerfielder's and the Brim Coffee Company.

Robert Wirth Thanks my friend for providing the connection and hooking the Willamette Speedway up to the rest of the world! Wirth W3 Wireless High Speed Internet https://wirthwifi.com

Our businesses, Nature Quest LLC, THC Recreation Station Salem, CBD Express and 1st Step Clinic. https://naturequestllc.com Bill Pont, Robynlee Sutter, Anna Courtney, Ryan Davidson, and the crew. You are the best and thanks for pinning the pedal to the firewall at my bidness

OMG! How about racer Drew Wright? WTF? What a generous driver. Thank you!

Big Sky Landscaping, Kevin Roberts http://www.bigskylandscaping.com/

James Gang Pizza, Charlie James and 2019 Willamette Speedway Modified Track Champion Bricen James

Kenz Womack and NW Fit, thank you! https://www.nwfitlebanon.com/

Bubba Hokland and Hokland Home Builders & Remodeling

Metro Services LLC, the Cronk Family, www.metroservicespdx.com

Waco Morley and All*Pro Property Services https://allproproperty.net/

Linn Benton Insurance and Todd Miller http://linnbentoninsurance.com/

Robert Summerhhalder and SRC Motorsports

Mt View Plumbing LLC and the Farness Family Racing Eddie Farness Susan Adams Farness

Matt Ruf and Ruf Constrution,

NW Apparel and Graphics, http://nwapparelandgraphics.com/

Western Beverage, Bud Light, Budweiser, 10 Barrel, https://www.anheuser-busch.com/brands.html and

Peterson Cat, https://www.petersoncat.com/

So, I started writing this at 7:30 a.m. and it is noon. I am so blessed and feel so supported. I know I have missed a few such as my family and friends: Kc Kruesi, Logan Kruesi, Dave Miller, Tim Archer, Sandy Archer, Curtis Norton, Douglas Elkins, Andrea Moore, James Thompson, Mario Mendez, Jason Pitcher, Sonya Pitcher, DandG Yard Maintenance,

Much love to Collene May Mahan, Sharon Graham, Phillip Rose

Momma Dottie #1 RIP I love you forever Moms

Sister Darlene Jordt RIP always on my mind

Lord if I missed a thank you please let their hearts know I did my best but you have blessed me with so many loved ones,


Submitted By: Ben Deatherage

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